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Nature Trail Nature Trail Nature Trail Symbols
North Visitor & Student Parking (North Lot 2) North Staff Parking (North Lot 1) Nature Trail East Visitor & Student Parking (East Lot 1)
Ecology Preserve North Entrance -- Electric Door Nature Trail East Visitor & Student Parking (East Lots 2 & 3)
K Building (Fine Arts) J Building (General Offices) Nature Trail Nature Trail Arboretum
H Building (Bridge) T Building (Business & Technology Center)
Cronin Schoolhouse A Building (Agriculture)
Nature Trail D Building (Student Services)
Nature Trail Savanna Restoration Project G Building (Fitness Center, Gymnasium) F Building (Planetarium) E Building C Building C Building -- Electric Door East Court East Court -- Elevators
East Staff Parking (East Lot 4) East Visitor & Student Parking (East Lot 4)
Savanna Restoration Project South Entrance -- Electric Door C Building B Building
Tennis Courts Track & Football Boiler House V Building (Veterinary Medical Technology)
Kaskaskia (KK) Building Highland (HL) Building
South Visitor & Student Parking (South Lots 1 & 2) Rend Lake (RL) Building
Sauk Valley (SV) Building
Kishwaukee & Waubonsee (KW & WB) Buildings
Baseball Centennial Commons

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