Crazy Joe's Appliances

Crazy Joe's is a role-playing website designed to operate like a database-driven commercial
website. You can play the role of Customer, Webmaster, and Order Processing Clerk.

Keep all three windows open at once to more easily see how changes in one affect the content of the others.
 Add/delete products using the Webmaster window, then refresh the Customer window to see the results.
Enter an order in the Customer window, then refresh the Order Processing window to see it displayed there.

Choose Your Role:


Browse the website, add items to your shopping cart, register/log in and place an order.

(If the animated intro fails to redirect to the home page, you may go direct to the home page.)

Coming Soon--
Customer order tracking!
Stay tuned...











Change product prices, add/subtract products to/from various website pages.

(Please make sensible choices--don't leave the web pages blank.)

Order Processing Clerk

Add, update, or delete customer orders, check off order items to indicate that they have been shipped out.